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Our business philosophy:
Building lifelong relationships that hinges on delivering value in design, quality construction and trusted client service.
Architectural Design
Construction Administration
Interior Design

Architectural Design & Plans

Each project inherently presents a different set of conditions and challenges. We evaluate each project’s unique demands and potential problems which includes the client’s vision, the site topography, environmental conditions and other significant factors.

The creative process is open and involves constant input from and dialogue with the client. We help our clients understand and enjoy each phase of the project, from the initial sketch to the day the keys are handed over. 

  • Assist customer in realizing their vision and incorporating requirements
  • Advise on current industry trends and regulatory issues
  • Assist with functionality of design
  • Discuss budgetary constraints

After the preliminary concept design is agreed upon and the viability of the project established, the physical drawing up of the plans can proceed. This involves collaboration with various other overseeing bodies and local and statutory authorities and may include:

  • Creating 2D CAD Drawing to be submitted to council
  • Producing 3D computer model of project
  • SANS Energy efficiency calculations
  • Structural Engineers appointment & development architectural approval
  • Client sign-off & final documentation to be submitted to Council for approval.


Interior Architecture - why does design matter?


Good design is a critical component in architecture:

  • It’s beautiful: Never underestimate the importance of visual composition to design. Structural design has to be visually appealing. The placement of a window at a specific height can create balance on a façade.
  • It’s functional: Ease of use, comfort, practicality – these elements are central to a well-functioning space. A structure shouldn’t be unnecessary complex in order for it to work. Innovation is a fundamental aspect of good design, but only when it is built within a framework of practicality.
  • It’s sustainable: Whether you’re building a holiday home for resale or family home you are planning on keeping for the rest of your life, you probably would like to invest in something that will appreciate in value. Over time, even the best design needs some care and attention, but inferior or cheaply built structures rife with design flaws tend to need much more maintenance.



Interior Design & Decor

Décor consultation and interior design services aim to marry comfort and functionality with beauty and style. We can assist you with both the design as well as the the selection of finishes and furniture for your home

Construction - Building the Vision

After municipal approval, a building contractor can be appointed and the next phase can commence. This involves:

  • evaluate quotes from proposed building contractors
  • appoint contractor
  • signed contract for build
  • NHBRC registration

The building process can now start.


Project Administration

Project administration commence when the site is cleared in preparation for the setting out of the foundations, and concludes when the council issues the occupation certificate for the new building.

  • Manage suppliers
  • Manage contractors
  • Track actual vs budgeted costs
  • Ensure project complete on-time
  • Customer progress reports and feedback